RC4Less D.Oval Foams R35 Rear Pink

RC4Less D.Oval Foams R35 Rear Pink
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Product Description

Our new Mounted Dirt Oval Foams. Mounted and trued dirt oval foams on our new RC4LESS Wheels. We took our time and think we have a tire that will satisfy our customers. These tires fit sprint cars & EDM cars and any car that uses 3/16 front axles and are sized to use 3/16" x 3/8" Non-Flanged front bearings. Finished dimensions Fronts 1.00 inches wide & 2.90 inches diameter. 6 Compounds to choose from: Silver, Gold & Bronze are our medium rubber content foams and Pink, Magenta & Purple are our high rubber content foams. Silver our softest tire with a durometer reading of 25. Great for stickey soft clay tracks. Gold compound is just slightly harder than silver at 30. Bronze is the third compound in this family with a durometer reading of 35. Our high rubber content compounds are Pink with a durometer rating of 35, Magenta is slightly harder at 40 and our Purple is rated at 45+ and is perfect for high bite asphalt or very abrasive gritty clay.